Have thought of eating at a Korean BBQ Restaurant?

Posted on: 14 November 2019


Eating out with family or friends is a great way to spend an evening. You get to relax and unwind in congenial company while enjoying great food. When you are planning to go out to eat, the biggest decision you need to make is which type of restaurant you are going to visit. With so much choice available, there is always something new to try. One option which you may not have considered is Korean BBQ. A Korean BBQ restaurant may seem an unusual choice, but there are at least three good reasons to make this your first preference the next time you decide on a meal away from home.   

Ideal for sharing

While some restaurants may focus on serving couples or small intimate groups of diners, meals at a Korean BBQ restaurant are designed for sharing. When you visit, you can expect to enjoy a large-format meal where you are encouraged to sample the widest possible variety of dishes. By gathering together a large party of your friends and family, you will be able to order plenty of different dishes and to sample all of them, allowing everyone to maximize the pleasure of the dining experience.

Great choice of meat

As with any BBQ, at a Korean BBQ restaurant, meat will be the primary component of the meal. Each Korean BBQ restaurant will serve a different range of meats, but you can be sure that you will be able to find plenty of traditional favourites, such as marinated ribs, to entice your tastebuds. If you want to try something different, then beef tongue, pork collar or brisket would all be excellent choices. Whichever meat dishes you decide to choose, don't forget that you will need to order your choice of rice to complement the meat dishes.

Enjoy the side dishes

At a Korean BBQ restaurant, there will be plenty of food available to order, but that isn't all that you get to eat. Side dishes, or banchan, are served during every Korean BBQ meal. These dishes normally appear first, before your main courses arrive, but don't make the common mistake of assuming that they are intended as appetizers. These dishes are intended to be eaten throughout the meal and will be replenished as needed. If you do happen to finish the banchan, then simply ask your server to bring some more.

Find your nearest Korean BBQ restaurant and book a meal for your friends and family today.