Wedding Catering: Considerations to Bear in Mind

Posted on: 9 February 2017


The planning stages of a wedding can be an exciting time. With endless possibilities available to you, your creativity will be your only limitation. Once crucial aspect of the planning process would be your wedding catering services. The first thing to note is that you should have a budget in mind. This budget is not supposed to suffocate your creativity, though. Instead, it should function, as a way to help you be creative with the financial parameters that you have set for yourself but still be able to have sumptuous food on your wedding day. As such, it would be ideal to have some considerations in mind when contemplating the food services for your wedding.

Consider all-in catering or an A La Carte menu

Before you can decide on what type of food you would want during your big day, you need to make a decision on the type of catering service would be suited for your needs and budget. For instance, if your wedding venue is a hotel, chance are they will already have a catering package in place. This is one of the most economical options that you could choose. However, it should be noted that a catering package may limit your options when it comes to menu items. This is because the food options will largely be at the discretion of the chef and then you would be tasked with choosing what you would like to include and exclude.

An A La Carte menu, on the other hand, gives you full creative control on what menu you would want. This type of catering menu is typically provided if you are outsourcing your own catering services for the wedding.

Consider the service style you would prefer

Another important decision you would have to make when contemplating wedding catering is the type of service style that you would want for the day. If you are looking to cut costs, then a buffet style service would be a suitable choice. Your guests are responsible for serving themselves the food, the wait staff available will simply ensure crockery, and cutlery is taken away as needed.

If you would prefer convenience, then you could consider a full-service staff to wait on your guests. With this type of service, the food will be served as a sit-down meal. The wait staff is then expected to attend to every need of your guests whether it is serving them the different courses of the meal, refreshing their glasses with drinks, and more.