5 Tips To Help With The Organisation Of Children's Parties.

Posted on: 3 January 2017


Children's parties can be stressful, tiring and chaotic. There are many aspects that need to be given adequate consideration and, when it comes to children, you can never be too careful. If you're planning on hosting a party for your child, follow these five simple tips to help with efficient organisation and aid in reducing the stress and chaos.

1. Set a budget.

As with any party or event, a budget is important. Children's parties can be expensive, and costs can spiral out of control if left unchecked. Set a budget and stick to it. Be sure to include not only significant factors such as the venue and catering, but also the extra costs such as party favours and any required transportation. Including the smaller costs in your budget is the best way to keep on track financially and prevent any smaller costs from accumulating and catching you by surprise. Remember, this is a children's party you are organising, not a wedding reception. Be kind to yourself and keep things cheap and simple.

2. Communicate with parents.

It is important that you are aware of any specific needs of the children in attendance at your party. Speak to parents and get important information such as relevant medical conditions, dietary requirements and allergies. For some children, you may want to ask their parent to stay and provide   supervision, ensuring their child's needs are met. Most parents won't object to this and will be only too happy to help.

3. Ensure your venue is sufficient.

Choose a venue with plenty of space. Children are lively and energetic creatures and, as such, do not mix well with small, confined areas. Prevent chaos by ensuring the location for your child's party allows plenty of room for children to run and play in a safe environment. Research some venues that cater specifically to children's parties. These may offer package deals that include entertainment as well, such as soft play areas, magic shows etc. As an extra precaution, be sure to check that your venue has the necessary insurance in place to provide cover, should anything go wrong. 

4. Arrange appropriate catering.

When catering for a children's party, enlist the help of a professional caterer. This will take the pressure off you and allow you to devote your attention to supervising and managing the children. Enlisting a company that provides finger food catering is the best option. Fine cuisine and sit-down meals are pointless for children's parties. Keep it easy and simple. Finger food will be easier for young children to manage and reduce any mess or spillages. Remember to inform your catering company of any dietary needs or allergies. 

5. Be sure to have adequate supervision.

With children's parties, a high level of supervision is a must. Many venues will not provide supervision, and so the onus is on you as the organiser. Ensure that the ratio of adults to children is sufficient and that children are supervised at all times. You may want to stipulate that parents of any attendees stay and look after their own child. Alternatively, enlist the assistance of trusted family and friends to help supervise. Be sure to gather parental contact details for each child to use in the event of an emergency.